What would I do if I lost Everything?

Richard La Compte

It’s an interesting question, isn’t it?
What would you do if you lost everything?

If you woke up tomorrow and your bank account was empty, your blog gone and you had zero products to sell.

All you had left was your knowledge and a few hundreds bucks.

I thought about that question for a while, and it’s something I get asked a lot.

What would I do, if I lost it all and needed to get back quickly?

This post is my answer.

Step 1: Get A Sales Funnel And Products To Market

The first step would be to create a simple sales funnel to market a product or company.
The secret is you need a low ticket product to sell on the front-end, as well as higher ticket products to sell on the back-end.

You could create these yourself, or you could find a company like Empower Network that allow you to earn commissions for selling their products.

The fastest way to make a full time income is to earn one $3000 commission per month. It’s easier and faster than making one hundred $30 sales. We’re in a time where it’s the hardest to make the first sale, but the easiest to make the second, third and fourth.

Which is why it’s more effective selling something low ticket ($20-$50) upfront. Something that anyone can afford.

Once your customers buy a low ticket front-end product from you, it’s A LOT easier to sell them your higher ticket products. To get going you need a simple, functional funnel.

Nothing too advanced, because I’d want to start driving traffic immediately.

I’d create a marketing funnel like this:

Squeeze > Presentation/Free Training > Value Sequence > Phone Call Application

First a Squeeze page to capture emails and send subscribers to a free training. 

My free training might teach some basic concepts and tell people to buy the product I’m selling.
Like showing people how to build a blog and get traffic blogging, and telling them to buy the Kalatu blogging platform. By leading with value upfront; you build rapport, create trust and get lots of brand new subscribers buying instantly.

As a side note: if you’re new to marketing you can use the systems given to you instead of creating your own.
I wouldn’t setup complex marketing sequences. The truth is I don’t even like to do real marketing.

I like to throw up a sales video and just get traffic to it. I don’t split-test, as I think it’s the most tedious thing in the world. When you’re starting, it’s important not to get caught up in all the little details.

Instead of planning out a complex follow-up sequence; I would create a simple value sequence.
If the funnel offered a free blogging training on the Squeeze page, and the video taught how to blog and sold Kalatu; I’d build a follow-up sequence around blogging.

Showing step-by-step how to make money blogging, and telling my subscribers to buy my Kalatu blog each time. When you’re giving value and helping people get what they want; they feel compelled to give you money.

Even if you’re horrible at marketing. When you show people how to get what they want, and offer them easy solutions to get what they want faster or easier; they’ll buy them.
I would build a free training sequence around a specific topic like blogging over a period of 7-14 days.

If I wanted to make a lot of money quickly; I would offer people the chance to get on the phone with me.
Talking to people is the easiest way to close sales.
I would create an opportunity page for people to join my Inner Circle.

You can create a page for this or just use a free form builder like Wufoo.com to have your subscribers apply to speak to you. You could call it a free coaching session or an application to join your inner circle.

As long as you create the idea that when people get on the phone with you they’ll create the results that they want; people will fill out your form. This is what I did in the beginning, and it worked.

That’s the system. A squeeze page that sends leads to a free training and sells my offer. A simple email sequence that helps my subscribers get what they want, while offering them my products as solutions.

Step 2: Find a way to get 10-30 leads/day consistently.

Step two is the grind.

I don’t care how much your marketing sucks, because if you’re consistently getting 10-30 leads a day you will make some sales.
There are a lot of ways to create this kind of lead flow. If your Squeeze page converts 50% of visitors into sales; you have to generate just 20-60 visitors a day.

You can accomplish this in a few ways, I would stick with one of two.
First, you could flat out buy the traffic. For traffic that converts you’re looking at spending $1-$3 per click.
So you would have an instant overhead of at least $20-$60 per day. For some people this can work, for most not.

In order for the paid traffic to function in your business, you have to create more commissions than you’re spending in traffic.
If you’re spending $50 a day on traffic and making $60 back – you could scale up the traffic. But the reality is almost nobody can do this easily.

That’s why option two is a lot more attractive, blogging.
With blogging you don’t have to be a master marketer to make a lot of money. You can build up to 10-30 leads a day in about 90 days for free.
In the beginning you might only make 2 sales a week, but as you improve your follow-up and your funnel your results will grow. Or you could just get more traffic, and be happy with low conversion rates. You just have to blog daily, and promote your blog posts daily.

Step 3: Find a way to make 2 sales a day.

If you’re consistent with your blogging and promotion or with your paid traffic, you’ll be getting leads daily.
So the next step is to focus on creating 2 front end customers per day. This is surprisingly simple when you get the hang of it.

After a while of producing 2 sales a day, it becomes easy.
To create 2 sales a day from your 10-30 leads, you could offer people a chance to get on the phone with you, and easily close 2 a day.

That requires a different skill, sales ability.
Or you could do it ‘the automated way’. What gets you all excited in the beginning.

    “I’m going to make automated commissions every day, while I drink from a coconut on the beach”
I call it ‘coconut money’.
But coconut money requires skills. Anyone can make coconut money if they have enough free leads coming in each day.
Everyone wants coconut money, but it’s the slowest way to create what you want.
The fastest way is the grind, the hard way.

I would immediately start doing a weekly hangout with my list. Once a week, a Google hangout teaching some stuff with a call to action to join my business at the end.
There’s a special power in live events. Live events improve your sales ability better than anything. They also create more sales from small numbers than any other strategy.
On top of a weekly live event, I would consistently publish blog posts, and videos mailing my list to them.

Step 4: Upsell Customers

Step four is the easy part. Upsell customers.
When you’re getting 2 front-end sales a day, you’re probably only going to make $20-$100 in commissions.

If you get just 1 of those sales to buy an additional product, or all of the products. Your daily income will shoot from $20-$100 to $200-$1000.
It’s how you 10x your income. I would offer my new customers a free strategy call to get them started. I’d get them on the phone, help them out a little bit and tell them to buy all the products that are right for them.

That’s what I would do, if I had to start over.

You have the plan, and there’s no reason you can’t create the exact same outcomes. If you’re not creating the results you want, you have one of these problems:

    You haven’t created enough traffic (in which case you need to blog more or do whatever else – there’s an abundance of traffic training out there).
    You’re not converting enough leads into sales (in which case you gotta improve your marketing ability or sales ability by getting people on the phone).
    You’re not upselling (in which case you just gotta start, and keep practising).

Now make a decision to get started.
By now you know what you have to do to create the kind of results you want.

It starts with this ->Click here!

It’s simple, and there are only 3 obstacles to tackle.
It all starts with taking massive action, and making a decision to do whatever it takes.

Love ya!

Your GoodBuddy,

~Richard La Compte


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